Kimara Art Trail

The Kimara art trail is like straight out of a fairy tale

The Kimara art trail located in Tuusula Jokela is like straight out of a fairy tale. The fairy-tale garden created by mosaic artist Leena Nio is a unique cultural destination, where the natural beauty of the garden and mosaic art combine into a fairytale.

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Mosaic artist Leena Nio's fairytale garden

The Kimara art trail is an art environment created by ITE artist Leena Nio. The artist had time to live in Paris for 30 years, until she decided in 2014 to return to her childhood home, Tuusula Jokela.

A completely new environment opened up for Leena, where the lack of space no longer limited her creativity. Over the years, a huge number of works of art have been created, and at the same time, Nio’s backyard has grown into an incredibly beautiful fairytale garden. The Kimara art trail is about 500 meters long, and along it you can admire more and more exquisite mosaic artworks.

On the path of the fairy tale garden, art is not a separate experience, but is integrated into the everyday environment. When entering the Kimara art trail, the first thing that catches your eye is the transformation of ordinary objects. Wheelbarrows, mannequins and animal figures have been given a colorful shiny surface.

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The glittering splendor of art

Leena Nio has succeeded in creating a place that combines art and everyday life in a beautiful and surprising way. Sparkling mosaics bring life to the environment. Light refracts on their surface, reflecting in different directions and creating enchanting rays. They draw the viewer closer, inviting them to explore the details of the work.

The Kimara Art Trail shows that art does not have to be a separate part of our lives, but can be part of our everyday environment. It reminds us that creativity can be all around us, and it can bring joy and inspiration to all who encounter it.

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Fairy garden

The areas of the garden have their own fairytale-like names and they intertwine like magical chapters in a storybook: The rustling of wings, Zooland, bunnyland, Cat Corner, Art Alley, Sports Wall, Bearland, Peacock Kingdom, Chicken Garden, Native Village totems and Tiipii, and Tertu’s and Esko’s campfire place.

Each area of ​​the garden is like its own story, full of enchantment and surprises. The rustling of wings is like a gentle breath of wind, taking us to the world of birds singing and butterflies dancing. Bunnyland and Cat Corner offer a cozy atmosphere where the company of animals feels comforting and delightful. Here, visitors can find themselves walking among colorful butterflies, curious bunnies and kittens.

Tertu’s and Esko’s campfire is a place where you can gather with friends, share stories and enjoy the warmth of the fire. It is like a heart that connects the different areas of the garden and provides a place for the community.

Taidekuja is like a gallery that showcases the diversity of creativity. There, the play of colors and shapes is limitless, and you can immerse yourself in the enchantment of different works.

Visit the Kimara Art Trail

Kimara’s art trail is above all an experience for the whole family, which offers an unforgettable experience for all ages. It is a place where you can experience a magical atmosphere and marvel at the wonderful mosaic artworks created by Leena Nio. Every visitor, whether a child or an adult, can find their favorite on the Kimara art path, where colors, shapes and stories combine into a magical.

If you haven’t visited yet, you should definitely add Leena Nio`s Kimara art trail to your travel destination list.

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