Romurinsessan Pihavaltakunta Onnela

Marjut Kauppinen Onnela

Courtyard Kingdom Onnela

Marjut Kauppinen, (Junk Princess)
Onnela is a real ITE art scene in the village of Korpijärvi, Lapinlahti, bursting with creativity. The numerous works of art in the courtyard are full of surprising and ingenious ideas, but also passion for creation. All the artworks are made from broken or discarded everyday objects, embellished with color and intriguing details. The Finnish word Onnela describes a happy place.

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In harmony with nature

Onnela is a small house in the middle of the forest. There is a yard and a vegetable garden, which Kauppinen cherishes. In addition to the family, the charming yard is home to sheep, dogs and chickens. Kauppinen and her husband live in the rhythm of nature, blending in with the changing seasons. The bounty of the garden and forest is important to them, supporting a self-sufficient lifestyle and the ideology of making things yourself.

In the summer, the garden comes alive with lush flowers and herbs, making Onnela a popular destination for visitors. Children can admire not only the playful art, but also the lovely animals in the garden. And this place is sure to bring a smile to the faces of adult visitors as well with it’s surprising installations of art.

Junk Princess art radiates joy and elation

Onnela invites visitors to admire the artist’s unique ability to transform mundane junk into insightful art, thus conveying joy to viewers. Kauppinen’s art collection is a celebration of diverse techniques and materials. In the hands of the inventive ITE artist, you will find artworks carved from recycled materials, colorful collages, glowing mosaics, vibrant acrylic paintings, charming signs and glitter.

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Marjut Kauppine`s art is interwoven with the courtyard and buildings

The artistic experience is enhanced by the vibrancy of colors and the abundance of materials. The barn wall has been transformed into a stunning collection of enamel bowls, and the sight takes the imagination back to decades past. Everyday objects such as chairs, coats, handbags and bicycles have been transformed into artworks covered in color, texts and flowers, simultaneously familiar and disturbing in a good way. Scrap cars have been given a new life. A figure with Trump’s face and a Buddha statue make their eternal journey in perfect harmony in a colorfully painted and decorated scrap car.

Romurinsessan Onnelan aittarakennus

Marjut Kauppinen's art environment is an ITE art exhibition where a family of artists and their pets live in harmony with art.

The ITE art environment evolves and changes over time

The artist has experience of small exhibitions in the surrounding area, but her own yard is the most comprehensive collection of her artwork and a haven for creativity. Kauppinen’s art environment is constantly changing and evolving, reflecting the ITE artist’s vibrant and inspiring approach to her art. Winter is a quieter span of time in Onnela, but that doesn’t mean the end of creativity but is the perfect time to come up with new ideas for the next pieces art.

Visit Onnela

Junk Princess Onnela is like an enchanted oasis bursting with joy and ingenuity. Environment is full of works of art and recycling created by Marjut Kauppinen, which tell their own stories. At Onnela, you can see how old objects get a new life and turn into unique works of art.

If you haven’t visited yet, you should definitely add Junk Princess Onnela to your travel destination list.

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