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Onnellinen Lentokone

An artist's signal to the environmental crisis

Artist Paula Huhtanen named her latest art project “Onnellinen Lentokone” (Happy Airplane). The mission of the “Onnellinen Lentokone” is to send signals so that people understand how to save the environment and avoid unnecessary flying.

Artist Paula Huhtanen

Artist Paula Huhtanen has created her own art style and ism: hilarity. In addition to traditional fine art, she conjures up a new life and purpose for the most diverse of everyday objects.Some of these objects continue as works of art in their intended use, some communicate as exhibition objects in the meaning given to them by the artist. Huhtanen loves colors in his works and asks who came up with that beige? Colors are energy with which we can influence many things.

She would be ready to paint the whole world as cheerful and happy, if only it were possible. Happiness is even more than joy, which of course is one important part of it. In recent years, I have created only happy works in my art, worked on a tribe of happy works.

Happiness is not found by flying

Onnelinen Lentokone (Happy Airplane) is the latest artwork in the artist’s tribe of happy works. With Happy Airplane, I want to send a signal to the viewer that would make her stop and think about what kind of environment she wants to be and live in here. I hope that it would awaken in them at least a small change to a more sustainable lifestyle and to avoid unnecessary flying. My message with this artwork is: see close. She is against unnecessary flying, but she has not put herself under a flight ban, only a ban on unnecessary flying. A person’s happiness should not depend in any way on air travel. People can be happy in the environment where they live. Happiness cannot be found by flying.

Paula Huhtanen − Middle of Nowhere art park

The entrepreneurs of the Middle of Nowhere art park offered cooperation. When I heard that the subject of my art project would be an old decommissioned airplane, I was really happy, because it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. In the hands of Paula Huhtanen, the small plane that experienced several bumps had a happy ending and will get a new life in the Middle of Nowhere art park as a spectacular work of art. Recycling at its best.

Turning an airplane into a work of art was an extremely challenging project, due to the plane’s shape and surface materials. Artistic creativity alone was not enough in the work, but it also required the artist to have technical skills. For example, how to stop rusting or make the colors last for years in an aluminum-framed machine, because the work will be placed outside in the art park.

Paula Huhtanen’s work “Onnellinen Lentokone” can be seen in the Middle Of Nowhere art park in the summer of 2024.

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