ITE art exhibition

In the opening season of the Middle of Nowhere Art Park, we dive into the enchanting world of ITE art, where every step on the path opens the door to original, inventive, and fun ITE art. The exhibition is a whole, where wonderful art installations and individual works blend seamlessly into the surrounding nature.

Our art park offers visitors the opportunity to see, experience and feel ITE art in many different ways. Each installation, sculpture and work is carefully placed in its environment, creating a unique atmosphere.

As you walk along the duckboards and explore the art installations and works, you will encounter different perspectives and forms of expression that reflect the unique vision of Finnish self-taught artists.

Kädetön pianisti

ITE art park

The art park is built in such a way that the whole family can enjoy themselves and find something to marvel at. The original and inventive works of the park, full of big and small insects, mythical creatures, animals and various gadgets, are made of metal, wood, stone and various recycled materials.

Come and get to know the world of ITE art and discover new perspectives and inspiring works in the Middle of Nowhere Art Park!

Taiteilija Paula Huhtanen Sarkolassa

ITE Artists

Paula Huhtanen, Juha Käkelä, Pekka Lampinen, Sanna Saarinen, Kyösti Iitti, Jori Tapio Kalliola, Alpo Koivumäki, Leena Nio, Marjut Kauppinen, Tuomo Rantanen, Seppo Suomensyrjä, Greger Grönholm, Benny Uhlenius, Hannu Kumpula, K. Tschährä, Timo Karjalainen, Ahti Tyysteri, Eetu Mäki, Kalevi Päivärinta, Ensio Tuppurainen
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