Henkilökuva Middlen Teijo Monnista ja Pertti Riikosesta

Finnish *sisu makes the impossible possible

*Finnish word “sisu” Impossible to translate directly “never ever give up”

Middle of Nowhere art park is an impossible-sounding project of two friends. “We set out to build an art park in a small village in the middle of nowhere! We were inspired by the subject of ITE art, which is unique in Finland, just like a sauna or sisu.” Finnish ITE art is original and inventive. ITE art is known internationally as the concept of ITE art and it is part of the international field of outsider art.

Our goal is to increase awareness of ITE artists and art and to highlight special and interesting travel destinations related to ITE art in Finland.

We wanted to bring ITE art to the middle of a rural romantic landscape where the Finnish Folk Art lives strongest.

Middle of Nowhere Art Park

Koskenmaantie 187, 05510 Hyvinkää

+358 400 587 518
+358 400 491 537


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