Middle of Nowhere

Middle of Nowhere Art Park

Middle of Nowhere art park being built in Kaukas village in Hyvinkää. It focuses
to present a wide range of ITE art.

The art park will open to the public in June 2024.

Middle of Nowhere ilmasta kuvattuna

In the middle of nowhere is nothing?

Finland is sparsely populated country of thousands of lakes. Here you can walk alone in the woods and feel the clean air. When you turn off the highway onto a small road, you will notice how you are surrounded by fields, forests and lakes. The settlement disappears and only empty silence remains. You find yourself standing in the Middle of Nowhere. 

ITE art

ITE art is Finnish visual contemporary folk art. The concept of ITE art comes from Finnish phrase “Itse Tehty Elämä” that translates a self-made life.

Middle of Nowhere

Art Park

ITE art, rural romance and a summer cafe in the middle of nowhere

Middle of Nowhere Art Park and summercafe are located in the scenic small village of Kaukas with 300 inhabitants. The natural and atmospheric village is located on the southeast side of Hyvinkää (50 kilometers from Helsinki).

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