Haapamäen Höyryveturipuisto

Haapamäki Steam Locomotive Park

The world's biggest Steam Locomotive Park

Welcome to the world’s biggest Steam Locomotive Park in Keuruu! Established in 1988, Haapamäki Steam Locomotive Park offers history and railway nostalgia from more than a hundred years ago. There are many fun things to do in the Steam Locomotive Park, even for the youngest members of the family.

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Haapamäki Steam Locomotive Park is versatile

Haapamäki Steam Locomotive Park spreads over an area of ​​seven hectares and offers a huge amount of information for everyone interested in trains and history. In the Steam Locomotive Park, you learn to know twelve different types of steam locomotives, four of which are over a hundred years old. More special steam locomotives are, for example, the locomotive of the President of the Republic of Finland, the locomotive of Arvo Ylppö and the accident locomotive of Kuurila. A split Ukko-Pekka locomotive is also on display. Many of the locomotives are the last and only remaining examples left.

The history of trains and railways is presented in a fun way, suitable for the kids as well. In addition to steam locomotives, the park offers versatile services, such as a children’s playground and activity area and Finland’s longest park train track. There are also some cute sheep living in the park. At the Haapamäki Steam Locomotive Park, you can find a convenient Caravan accommodation, which is sure to be a memorable experience for even an experienced traveler.

Haapamäki Steam Locomotive Park operates from spring to autumn, but group visits and accommodation in the Caravan area can also be ordered at other times. You can contact the Steam Locomotive Park by phone or e-mail, for example.

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Take a historical ride in a steam locomotive carriage

Yes, you can look and you can touch in Haapamäki Steam Locomotive Park! Authentic steam locomotives that used to chug along the Finnish railways in the past offer a nostalgic and exciting experience for both adults and children. For example, the Ukko-Pekka steam locomotive was once the most powerful passenger steam locomotive in Finland. The locomotive type was built between 1937 and 1957. In Finland, steam locomotives were used in regular traffic until 1975.

Höyryveturin kattila

Miniature train track is the star attraction for children

Haapamäki Steam Locomotive Park enduring favorite attraction is the miniature train track that runs through the park. Pikku-Huru serves as the locomotive of the approximately 500-meter-long park train. This Finland’s longest park railway runs through a small tunnel, just like a real train, so it´s a really fun and exciting journey on board for the children. In addition, the park has a large play area with, for example, a trampoline, a ​​ball pit, games, and other playground equipment. The sheep pen is right next to the children’s playground area.

Haapamäki Steam Locomotive Park offers many activities for the whole family! Go for a ride on Finland's longest park railway, take part in a group ride on the resin and pet the fluffy sheep living in the Steam Locomotive Park.

Accommodation and restaurant suitable for the train theme

Do you fancy something different instead of a traditional hotel accommodation? Staying overnight in a real train car cabin, in the middle of other locomotives and cars, fits the Steam Locomotive Park train theme perfectly! For those traveling with a camper or a trailer, Finland’s most special Caravan area is available right next to the locomotives. Overnight guests have access to a sauna, as well.

Visitors are served by the restaurant, which is placed in a real train restaurant car.

Have fun and adventure in the Steam Locomotive Park

Haapamäki Steam Locomotive Park is open from spring to autumn, and it can be easily reached by train from Jyväskylä, Seinäjoki or Tampere. More detailed opening times can be found on the website of Haapamäki Steam Locomotive Park.

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