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Erkki’s Experience Yard

Colorful ITE art at Erkki’s Experience Yard

Erkki’s Experience Yard, located in Turenki, Janakkala, is a delightful art project by Finnish ITE artist Erkki Niemi. The colorful collection of artwork spreads throughout his backyard, capturing the entire garden. Although Erkki’s Experience Yard is open all year round, the sculptures are mostly covered in snow during the winter.

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Erkki’s Experience Yard is open for everyone

Erkki’s Experience Yard is an ITE art site consisting of about a hundred metal and wooden sculptures which have filled the artist’s backyard over the last fifteen years. There are familiar cartoon characters, exotic animals, and a colorful bunch of people.

The crafting skills of a prolific ITE artist are a legacy from his career as a workshop entrepreneur in metal industry.

Erkki’s Experience Yard is open for everyone and free of charge. The doors are always open when the artist and his wife are home. Of course, there is always a possibility for a hot cup of coffee, and some juice for the kids.

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Erkki’s Experience Yard is an adventure park for families

In this kid friendly adventure park time passes by in a blink of an eye. The retired artist and his wife wanted to implement Erkki’s Experience Yard especially for children and the child-minded. Although there were no toys nor Christmas presents in their childhood, now they have time to play and rejoice as retirees.

Characters familiar from fairy tales are fun to spot for children. Here you can ride Finnish fairytale character Pippi Longstocking’s pony! A five-member rock band immortalized in wood stands on the side of the road. Come along and party with them using the guitar and microphone next to the artwork.

Janakkalan Elämyspiha

The ITE sculptures of Erkki’s Experience Yard attracts guests even from longer distances. The artist considers meeting different people and sharing stories with them as an experience. When talking to foreign tourists, sign language has been the most practical way to communicate.

Erkki’s Experience Yard is a playground for people of all ages

The various games of Erkki’s Experience Yard are especially amusing to children. You can play Fortuna with golf balls, play with a miniature electric train, climb on a big rock, play bowls, or throw rings. You can play treasure hunt on four different tracks. Finally carve your signature on the back of the wooden totem pole that serves as a guestbook.

You can enjoy your own snacks while playing or broil a meal after a busy day at the barbecue area. The beautiful plantations give the finishing touch to the site.

Visit Erkki’s Experience Yard

Although Erkki’s Experience Yard is open all year round, it is advisable to schedule your visit during the summer months. We recommend that you send a message to Erkki via the Facebook page of Erkki’s Experience Yard and notify him of your arrival in advance. The artist and his wife are hospitable, and they welcome all the guests warmly.

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