Enkelipuisto Pöytyällä

Angel Park

Travel destination: the most eccentric place in Finland

Kyösti Iitti is a Finnish ITE artist who has created an incredible wonderland in his own backyard. It offers an eccentric view with a small lake and a wide variety of metal sculptures.

Private sculpture site Angel Park can only be visited by appointment.

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The stories of childhood turned into reality

Kaitoonmäki in Pöytyä is an important place for Kyösti Iitti. It reminds him of his late brother and the carefree years of childhood. Behind the impassable journey rose the steep, danger-promising cliffs, and a forbidden tower of the triangulation station. These landscapes lure the two ferocious brothers to the most imaginative adventures and provided a getaway from the daily duty.

Right on this spot now stands Angel Park. It symbolizes the Wild West fairytale land of childhood turning into reality as the characters Kyösti’s eventful life are concretized into scrap metal. The chatty artist likes to talk to the visitors, and the meandering stories behind Kyösti’s scuptures give a whole new perspective on his art.

The determined artist

The Angel Park itself is built around the most megalomaniac project of all. The lake in the middle of the park is dug by the artist himself. It took ten years, with a tractor and a shovel, but the end result is definitely worth seeing. It clearly belongs on the list of strange attractions in Finland. When you look at the lake, you can only admire Kyösti’s great Finnish tenacity.

The scupture in the picture is called The Paradise and it’s Kyösti Iitti’s most masterful project, which has taken more than a thousand hours to complete. The sensual sculpture is a tribute to the human body, and it features Adam and Eve and the cobra guarding Eve. Although the material looks like bronze, the sculpture is actually welded together from teeny-tiny pieces of metal, then polished and galvanized in the end. After that it has been coated with a wonderfully glowing gold color.

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Angel Park offers an experience for all ages

The plastic house Futuro, located in Angel Park in Pöytyä, stands higher than any other similar “UFO house”. This extraordinary house has attracted guests even from Chicago. No wonder, this UFO really seems to be floating in the air. The 45 steps of the Futuro house rise to the heights and test the visitor’s courage while climbing. Whoever dares to strive the top will admire the stunning view with the shores of the lake and the entire sculpture park. Definitely worth it! Every now and then Futuro house that looks like floating above the trees has even attracted UFO hunters to take a closer look.

Futuro is an ellipsoid-shaped plastic house designed by architect Matti Suuronen in 1968. (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Futuro).

Enkelipuisto Terminaattori

What a monstrous sight! In addition to the angels, there is a darker side in the park, just like in any good story. The slightly scary-looking Terminator sneaks out of the forest. It’s completely harmless though. In addition, a couple of fallen angels are having a stopover at the back bushes of the Angel Park.

Enkelipuisto Kyösti Iitti teos_suojelusenkeli

So where does the name Angel Park come from? The entrance is guarded by a large, high-hanging sculpture called The Guardian Angel. Kyösti made it as a memory of his late brother Sakari. The angel guarding the gate is Kyösti’s first artwork. Other angels in the park are the Motorists'Angel and the Seafarers' Protection Angel, studying the logbook of life.

Enkelipuisto Kyösti Iitti teos_Kusti_polkee

The statue Postman with Bike was made in 1985 from the bicycle frame of Kyösti’s oldest son. There is no entrance fee to the Angel Park, but fan mail in monetary form can be left in the postman’s box that reads “Support for Folk Art”.

Enkelipuisto Kyösti Iitti_patsaspuisto

Get a personal tour at Angel Park in Pöytyä every time

The best thing about Angel Park is the artist himself. Kyösti Iitti has an enchanting personality and countless stories to tell with a gentle humor and a down-to-earth outlook on life. Kyösti’s ITE art appeals to visitors of all ages.

Angel Park is a private sculpture park and is only open by appointment.

There is no entrance fee to the Angel Park. However, if you liked the tour feel free to support the artist by leaving money in the mailbox with the text “Support for Folk Art”.

+358 40 510 8437

Call and make an appointment to visit Angel Park.


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