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Pihlajavesi Wilderness Church

What can be found in the middle of the woods?

In Pihlajavesi, Keuruu, there is a church in the wilderness that is at least more than 200 years old, resting surrounded by trees and hidden from view. Here only the hum of the trees breaks the silence.

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The old church of Pihlajavesi

The old church of Pihlajavesi, also known as Pihlajavesi Wilderness Church, was built between the years 1780 and 1781. The church was designed by the well-known church builder Matti Åkerblom.

In 1778, ten houses and four crofts asked permission from the parish of Keuruu for building a smaller chapel although without funding. Even though there was no permit for it, the villagers decided to build the church. At first, the cathedral chapter didn`t grant permission to consecrate the church, but the villagers started using the church until it was finally consecrated five years later in 1787.

Although the churchyard can now be reached along a gravel road, it is easy to imagine arriving at a horse’s sleigh along a forest path.

Here we are indeed in the middle of the woods! Mobile masts and settlements shine with their absence.

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The Wilderness Church is always open for you

No matter how you strayed off the highway into the wilds you are now standing in wilderness church.

The wilderness church, completed in the lap of the forest in 1780-1781, is an atmospheric log church that is basically always open to walkers.

Nowdays this extraordinary sanctuary, cherished by the congregation is still in use. For example weddings and concerts are arranged there in the summer.

Here the silence is broken only by the hum of the tree or the loud exclamation of the travelers when they sees the ghost.

Pihlajavesi old church

The Pihlajavesi wilderness church has a great atmosphere. Middle of Nowhere recommends a visit to Pihlajavesi. In the courtyard of the church you will find a signpost for the area’s outdoor trails, along which you can explore other attractions.

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