Riihikosken Vanha Vehnämylly

Old Wheat Mill in Riihikoski

What does the Old Wheat Mill in Riihikoski, Pöytyä, hide?

The former wheat mill in Riihikoski now serves as a charming summer cafe and a marketplace for vintage goods. The Old Wheat Mill is located right in the center of Riihikoski in Pöytyä, along a beautiful country road. The charming excursion destination is only about half an hour’s drive from Turku.

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The Old Wheat Mill in Riihikoski got a new life through a vintage collection hobby

The current owner of the Old Wheat Mill, Petteri Uusalo, is an avid collector of vintage goods. His collection started to grow so big he needed to find a proper location for all his vintage treasures. When he was offered an opportunity to buy the Old Wheat Mill, the solution was obvious.

Initially, the Old Wheat Mill only served as a storage place for Petteri’s vintage collection. However, it turned out very quickly that people were very interested in seeing what the Old Wheat Mill in hid inside. All the vintage treasures presented in the mill created a unique atmosphere worth exhibiting, so the Old Wheat Mill started to open its doors to the visitors as well.

At first, the vintage-lovers had to settle for the fact that the vintage goods in the mill were only on display and not for sale. After numerous requests and as the collection continued to grow, Petteri Uusalo finally ended up putting his vintage collection items on sale for the public.

After you have walked through the first floor and you start with the second one, you notice that the theme changes. In the Old Wheat Mill, you don’t feel like you’ve seen it all after the first floor.

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The Old Wheat Mill has an atmospheric summer cafe

On the ground floor of the Old Wheat Mill there is an atmospheric summer cafe that exudes the spirit of the past. The summer cafe serves hot and cold drinks as well as savory and sweet delicacies for every tastes.

The summer cafe is an excellent destination for cycling trips and other summer adventures. The Old Wheat Mill also serves a variety of enthusiasts in different fields. Motorcyclists, vintage enthusiasts, and collectors enjoy themselves here. The summer cafe is also a great location for meetings or gatherings.

Tailgate market of the Old Wheat Mill

On certain summer weekends, the mill also hosts tailgate market events for vintage-lovers and second-hand enthusiasts. The vendors are allowed to park for free, but you must make the reservation in advance.

If you are interested in selling your old goods, we recommend making a reservation in good time. Flea market weekends are really popular, and the parking lots are quickly fully booked. You can find current information about the tailgate market events on the Old Wheat Mill’s Facebook page.

Choose the Old Wheat Mill as an excursion destination or stop off in the summer cafe - you will definitely enjoy yourself!

The Old Wheat Mill − Riihikoski

The Old Wheat Mill has a unique, relaxed, and genuine atmosphere, and it’s really worth a visit. We recommend you to drop in for a cup of coffee and the atmosphere of good old times.

The Old Wheat Mill in Riihikoski is located about 150 kilometers from Helsinki and about 40 kilometers from Turku. While you are here Riihikoski, we also recommend visiting the Angel Park, the sculpture collection of the Finnish ITE artist Kyösti Iitti.

Please check the current opening hours on the Old Wheat Mill's own website. The dates of the tailgate market events can be found on the Old Wheat Mill's Facebook page.

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