Kalevi Päivärinta

Lohja (1965)
Henkilökuvassa ITE-taiteilija Kalevi Päivärinta

Rusty metal as a counterweight to gold

Kalevi Päivärinta is a goldsmith by profession. The opposite of working with gold jewelry is a completely different art, where the materials are wood and rusty metal. Päivärinta wants to use art to make people feel good. He likes to turn things upside down and it can be seen in his artworks as well as in his daily hobbies. He has, for example, organized festivals of bad music and exhibitions of confiscated degenerate Art

Päivärinta wants to arouse joy and good mood with his art

ITE art opened for Kalevi in ​​2005 at an exhibition organized at Koli, where Alpo Koivumäki’s works were on display. These works of art made Kalevi think that his own work is somewhat similar. Päivärinta says that he has always had a strange imagination, which has led to the realization of all kinds of unusual ideas.

According to the artist, a kind of awakening took place at Koli’s exhibition, after which he began to see his own work in a new light. His art began to develop and take shape even more clearly.

Although Päivärinta is a goldsmith by profession, her art does not follow jewelry design, it is the complete opposite. Kalevi likes to turn things upside down, and it can also be seen in a funny way in his art. The materials of the works are mostly wood, rusty iron and scrap metal, but he also makes some works from ceramics. Päivärinta wants to arouse joy and good mood through its works.

Kalevi Päivärinta likes to turn things upside down and thereby make people laugh at unusual and humorous points of view.

Kalevi Päivärinta pystyttää taideteosta


"The works that will be in the exhibition will be announced later"

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