Greger Grönholm


Bold and original art

Greger Grönholm’s drawings and paintings reflect a bold and distinctive approach. Grönholm’s works are original and quite dark. He knows how to skilfully dive into the dark dimensions of life. Although his works may deal with dark subjects, Grönholm himself maintains the opposite mood. He is an artist who, despite his dark subjects, is the most likeable and approachable person.

There is no space for emptiness on the surface of Greger Grönholm's artworks

Greger Grönholm’s art shows the “horror vacui” recognizable in international outsider art. There is no space for emptiness on the surface of his works, but the entire image field is full of images spread like a network. This phenomenon creates an intense and multi-layered atmosphere in the works.

In Grönholm’s works, “horror vacui” manifests itself as a huge amount of details, which increases the sense of chaos and makes the surface of the works interesting and impressive. The huge amount of details increases the feeling of chaos and there is no place on the surface of the work where the eye can rest, as each work is full of visual information.

The strong color palette used by the artist together with his original style makes his works really great and distinctive. Greger’s works are visually impressive and fascinating, and they arouse interest and reflection in the viewer.

ITE-taiteilija Greger Grönholmin taulu
ITE-Taiteilija Greger Grönholm taulu kädessä

"Fuck the rules"

Grönholm does not plan his artworks precisely in advance, instead he immerses himself in the moment of creativity and lets his mind guide his hand. The moment when he grabs the canvas or paper is a “momentary flow state” where his art is born.

Greger also doesn’t follow any trends and doesn’t let outside opinions guide his creative process, which speaks to his strong desire to maintain authenticity in his art.

Grönholm’s statement “fuck the rules” reflects his uncompromising attitude to ignore the expectations and rules outside the art world. He makes exactly the kind of art that is meaningful to him, regardless of what others think. Gregge feels that he is more of an Outsider artist than an ITE artist precisely because of the meaning of that word describing outsideness.

The works of the exhibition


Inside the exhibition’s main building, you can find paintings by Greger Grönholm. The works in the exhibition are for sale. If you are interested in buying the work, please contact the park staff.

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