Tuomo Rantanen

Punkalaidun (1963)
Henkilökuva ITE-taiteilija Tuomo Rantasesta

Scrap art - a mix of creativity and sustainable development

Tuomo Rantanen’s art is a mixture of creativity and sustainable development, as his works are created from recycled scrap metal and old metal objects. Rantanen brings a real dose of humor to his works. His art is not too serious, but has a playful and happy touch.

Tuomo Rantanen started making ITE art in 1995. Over the years, more than 750 works have been created. The size of the works varies from metal sculptures several meters high to small palm-sized statues, which Rantanen’s studio is full of.

When life presents challenges, they are overcome by laughing

Tuomo Rantanen is a living example of how art can have a healing power. He had to retire due to a serious illness already in his forties. Art has been a means of rehabilitation for him, both physically and mentally. You can say that Tuomo has found both strength and joy in art.

Rantanen’s art delights and awakens a good mood because humor is always there. The works most often make the viewer laugh or at least smile. A certain kind of black humor can be considered Tuomo’s absolute trademark.

Tuomo Rantanen’s handling of scrap metal creates surprising works of art

Details are important in Tuomo Rantanen's art

Rantanen transforms old car parts and scrap metal into living characters. Cold pieces of metal come to life a new and funny way in the artist’s handling.

Tuomo has a habit of hiding some detail in each work. They can be subtle, such as the character’s expression, gesture, or leg position. Many of the artist’s works also have a hidden figure as part of the actual work. Rantanen uses these details to create stories that bring the work to life. Children especially like these details and often notice them before an adult. The artist says that often a child shows some detail to his father or mother and asks what is this?

Rantanen’s art requires attentiveness and participation from its viewers. The works invite the viewer to explore and discover the stories hidden in them

The works of the exhibition

ITE-Taiteilija Tuomo Rantasen teos Auervaara

Rakkaus (Love)

The art installation consists of two works. On the left “Rakastaa ei rakasta” (Love doesn’t love) and on the right “Auervaara” (A man who cheating women with the help of love)

Herrasmies (Gentleman)

Tuomo Rantanen pays special attention to the positions of the works. Do you see a gentleman in the mirror?

Joutsen (Swan)

Tuomo Rantanen’s “Swan” on display in Middle of Nowhere artpark is a miniature version of the 12-meter work made in Parkano.

ITE-Taiteilija Tuomo Rantasen teos, Joutsen

Lähdössä lentoon (Taking off)

Wings spread ready to take off. The artist often has a habit of hiding a smaller work inside the work, which is not immediately noticeable.

Tuomo Rantasen lampaat

Lampaat (Sheeps)

Lazy, Shy and Punk are enjoying a summer day in the pasture.

Hirviöhirvet (Monster Moose)

Monster moose grin from the darkness of the forest at the passerby. Can you find the hidden detail in the artwork (flies).

ITE-Taiteilija Tuomo Rantasen teos, Hirviöhirvet
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