Seppo Suomensyrjä

Villähde (1950)
ITE-Taiteilija Seppo Suomensyrjä henkilökuva

Recycled art and paintings

Seppo Suomensyrjä is a versatile ITE artist whose creativity is not limited only to sculptures made of recycled material. Suomensyrjä also paints paintings and writes poems. In addition to the traditional art of painting, he creates fine works painted with a airbrush. Suomensyrjä’s works have garnered attention in automotive publications.

Suomensyrjä started making sculptures in the early 1990s after getting inspiration from the popular movie Jurassic Park. At that time, he decided to create something unique and surprising. The idea gave rise to Motosaurus, a fascinating cross between a dinosaur and a motorcycle.

Seppo Suomensyrjä's lifestyle is intertwined with motor vehicles and rock'n'roll

Seppo Suomensyrjä, who lives in Villähti, is an ITE artist whose lifestyle is intertwined with motor vehicles, rock ‘n roll and the wild west. A fantasy world has been formed from his surroundings, where the Ghostrider formula, the Sputnik motorcycle and the five-meter Eagle Katosstraster guitar emphasize his artistic vision.

Suomensyrjä worked as a machine operator in a milk powder company. When the company ceased operations and he became unemployed, his passion for making art grew even more. Suomensyrjä became a full-time artist. He paints surreal paintings, posters and airbrushing on helmets and vehicles

Seppo Suomensyrjä’s passion for motor vehicles and formula 1 cars has enabled cooperation with formula houses and top drivers. Suomensyrjä has painted helmets and drawn fascinating pictures of vehicles for well-known motor industry publications. He has received recognition from many big names in the formula world, such as Mika Häkkinen, Jean Todt and Michael Schumacher.

ITE-Taiteilija Seppo Suomensyrjä seisoo Jaguaarin takana

Recycling art

At the beginning of the 1990s, a new chapter in Seppo Suomensyrä’s artistic expression began, when he decided to make his first work out of recycled material. He had recently watched the movie Jurassic Park and this movie sparked his interest in using recycled material in sculptures. A work (Motosaurus) was born, combining a dinosaur and a motorcycle in a magical way.

Suomensyrjä does not start making works from an empty table. He uses materials he finds in different places, such as junkyards or from familiar motorcycle enthusiasts. In his eyes, old motorcycle parts or scraps get a new life as artistic elements.

The works of the exhibition

Intiaanipäällikkö Istuva Aurinko

Intiaanipäällikkö Istuva Aurinko (The Chief Sitting Sun)

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