Paula Huhtanen

Nokia (1965)
ITE-taiteilija Paula Huhtanen

Unique painting technique "ILOismi"

The unique painting technique developed by Paula Huhtanen is based on multi-layering in small details, lines, arcs and dots. The color surface is like a jewel.

In Paula’s handling, ordinary objects become wonderful, colorful works of art. Cuckoo clock, chainsaw, musical instruments, furniture, accessories, shoes, etc. Only the sky is the limit for Paula’s ideas.

Under the northern lights

Paula Huhtanen’s role in the art field is versatile. She is an artist, inspirer, innovator and creativity trainer. She was chosen as ITE artist of the year 2020 and his works have been exhibited in more than a hundred exhibitions.

Paula grew up in Kittilä at the foot of the fells, where the boundless sky offered blazing northern lights. The superstitious warned whistling during the northern lights because of the bad luck that follows. Paula whistled to the rhythm of the flickering of the northern lights and later created a completely new art trend (ILOismi) in the art field.

The beige color does not inspire Paula

All kinds of art have always been the part of Paula’s life. According to her, experiencing the universeum is meaningful through art glasses. That point of view is truly exhilarating! Saturation of colors creating wow experiences for the viewer. The beige color does not inspire Paula.

Paula Huhtanen katsoo maailmaa taidelasien läpi

"Everything is fine and we can work out everything"

Only the sky is limit for Paula's ideas

Cuckoo clock, chainsaw, coffin, musical instruments, furniture, accessories, dishes and design objects, just named. Only the sky is the limit for Paula’s art processing ideas. Paula’s artworks are skillful, spectacular and individual art objects that can also withstand use.


Happy Airplane

Artist Paula Huhtanen’s work “Happy Airplane,” is a powerful signal to the environmental crisis. Huhtanen has chosen a name for her work that arouses curiosity and at the same time communicates positivity. “Happy Airplane” is not only a work of art, but also a message that aims to make people understand the importance of saving their environment.

The work challenges the visitor to evaluate own lifestyle and make more sustainable choices. Although the artist is against unnecessary flying, she does not impose a complete flight ban on herself either. Instead, she emphasizes avoiding unnecessary flying.

Transforming an airplane into a work of art turned out to be an extremely challenging project that required not only creativity but also technical skills from the artist. The machine’s shape and surface materials posed their own challenges, and the artist had to combine artistic vision with technical skill. This project was not only an artistic expression, but also a kind of product development work that required a precise knowledge of materials.

New Life

Together with the artist Paula Huhtanen, we made a wonderful four-part “New Life” series of artworks from old Artek classic tables. The completely unique multi-layered painting style developed by Paula herself creates a wonderful surface glowing with light.

After seeing the first table, Paula said “it’s beautiful and needs a new life”. With the painting technique developed by Paula, the surface of the tables became alive and glows with the energy of the colors. The finished artwork dazzles with its brilliant colors. The colors sparkle magically in the sunlight. Gilding of the bottom of the table tells about that magic moment of the midnight sun.

it's beautiful and needs a new life

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