Leena Nio

Tuusula (1963)
ITE-Taiteilija Leena Nio Tuusulan kodissa

Mosaic art

Leena Nio is a self-taught mosaic artist. Her passion for mosaic art was ignited in a small Parisian art store, where she applied due to a magazine article. Upon entering the store, she immediately realized that this was what she had been looking for. Mosaic works opened the door to a new world where colors, shapes and textures merged into one artistic harmony.

Leena’s mosaic art is lively, colorful and radiates both joy and positive energy. In her processing, small mosaic pieces turn into glittering statues and boards.

A mosaic is like a puzzle

Each mosaic piece is like a puzzle, where each piece fits into place, eventually forming a magnificent work. Nio immerses herself in her work completely, forgetting the passage of time. The combinations of colors, shapes and textures of the mosaics offer unlimited freedom of expression, giving Leena the opportunity to create something unique and beautiful.

In mosaic art, the combinations of colors, shapes and textures are limitless, which makes it possible to create a wide range of visual effects. Sparkling mosaics create liveliness and joy in the environment. They reflect light in different directions and create glowing surfaces that entice the viewer to come closer to examine the details of the work. Leena’s mosaic art brings to life different subjects, such as flowers, animals and objects.

In Nio’s works, each mosaic piece fits precisely in its place, ultimately forming a wonderful work.

Leena Nio's enchanting flower mosaics

Flowers have always inspired Nio greatly and it shows in her art. A flower’s life begins with a bud, continues to full bloom and finally ends with withering. This symbolizes the short beauty and transience of life.

Flower mosaics are not only visually enchanting, but also convey the beauty of nature and the power of life. The richness of colors reflects the diversity of nature, and the textures bring out the delicate beauty of flowers. In Nio’s mosaic art, flowers gain a new dimension, where their natural vitality is emphasized and reminds us of the symbolic meaning of flowers.

Kimara art trail

In 2014, Leena made the decision to leave Paris behind and return to Finland to her childhood home, Jokela. The house she had left behind decades ago beckoned her to return. A completely new environment opened up for Leena, where the lack of space no longer limited her creativity.

Over the years, a huge number of works of art have been created, and at the same time, Nio’s backyard has grown into an incredibly beautiful fairytale garden. The Kimara art trail is about 500 meters long, and along it you can admire more and more exquisite mosaic artworks.

The works of the exhibition

Leena Nion teos Värisinfonia

Color symphony

The color symphony mosaic piece reflects the joyful dance and harmony of colors. The piece has five different colored flowers that sparkle in the sunlight, creating an enchanting whole.

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