ITE Artist

Kyösti Iitti

Pöytyä (1948)
ITE-Taiteilija Kyösti Iitti

Metal sculptures

Kyösti Iitti started making ITE art while working as a massage therapist. After retiring, the self-taught artist has been productive, and many works have been created. Stories and related symbolism are hidden in the sculptures. You don’t take anything with you when you leave here. Kyösti wants to leave something behind: that’s where the fire to create sculptures comes from.

Artist uses a versatile variety of metal, which ends up being recycled in the form of works of art. In many works, the original purpose of the metal can still be seen, which has since gained a new insightful appearance in the hands of the artist. The final appearance of the works takes shape during the production phase. The image of the finished work is inside the artist’s head, and separate sketches are not needed.

An artist's inspiration comes from what he has seen and experienced

Kyösti Iit’s ITE art is often inspired by phenomena that have changed the world or events in one’s own life. The sculptor has great stories about his eventful life. When listening to Kyösti’s relaxed conversation and vivid descriptions of events, sorrows are forgotten and one’s own imagination takes flight.

Subjects containing symbolism are characteristic of Kyösti and this is reflected in the works. In addition to other symbolic animal figures, the subject of birds is close to Kyösti Iiti’s heart, because the large-winged bird is spectacular. 

Picture: In the Bush and Saddam sculpture, a sea eagle is catching a salmon. The name of the sculpture is symbolically related to the politics of the Kuwait war in the year of its birth in 1991.

Enkelipuisto Kyösti Iitti teos Saddam_Bush

Angel Park

Pöytä’s Kaitoonmäki spreads out a remarkable sight, where the shores of a small lake are dominated by the most diverse metal sculptures. Kyösti Iit’s Angel Park is an incredible wonderland.


What kind of creature or animal pulls the sleigh in the picture remains to be seen... stay tuned. 😉

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