Eetu Mäki

Turku (1993)
Henkilökuvassa: Eetu Mäki

Chainsaw sculptures

Eetu Mäki lives in Turku, but he is rooted in small village. Perhaps it was his childhood in the middle of nature and numerous construction projects that shaped his creative mind and craft skills. Over the years, Eetu has studied construction, metalwork and mechanical engineering. Chainsaw carving came into Eetu’s life by chance, but he quickly discovered his true talent and ability in it.

Eetu Mäki's story as a sculptor started by chance

Eetu’s story in chainsaw carving started by chance, when his brother, who had been involved in chainsaw carving for a long time, challenged him to participate in to the Finnish championships in 2023. Eetu didn’t have to think long, because he had always loved doing things with his hands and learning new skills. So he began to diligently practice and carve various works. The first works were animals, and soon his yard was decorated with all kinds of wooden sculptures.

In the summer of 2023, the long-awaited moment arrived, when Eetu participated in the first Finnish chainsaw championshipscompetitions. Although the topics of the competition were challenging, Eetu decided to give his best. In the speed sculpture competition, he surprised himself and others by finishing second. The win was not only a competitive success, but it also sparked new enthusiasm and motivation.

Eetu Mäki veistää moottorisahalla
Eetu Mäen teos "Symbioosi"

The rise of young creators to chainsaw carving

During his short career, Eetu Mäki has shown exceptional talent as a chainsaw sculptor. He has experimented with different subjects and techniques, striving to create as realistic and imaginative works as possible. At the moment, his style could be described as somewhat cartoonish.

Chainsaw carving is a traditional manual skill that has long been part of Finland’s cultural heritage. In recent years, however, its appreciation has risen even more, and the chainsaw sculpture was deservedly selected for the list of living heritage in 2023. It is especially gratifying that new young and promising actors, such as Eetu Mäki, are emerging in the field.

Eetu’s choice to make an Aku Ankka sculpture for the “313” car located in the yard of the art park’s cafe reflects the role of young creators in continuing the tradition and bringing a new perspective.


Aku Ankka (Donald Duck)

Eetu Mäki sculpts the iconic Donald Duck piece, which will be placed in the 313 car in the yard of the park’s cafe. The work creates a happy and playful atmosphere in the park and offers visitors the opportunity to capture a moment in the company of Donald Duck, as both children and adults can pose in the driver’s seat.

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