K. Tschährä

Taiteilija K. Tschährä

K. Tschährä's works are created with the automation of the body

K. Tschährä is a visionary artist from Tampere who works with drawing, painting and video art. Tschährä is an artist’s name, it is the original of the artist’s family, a Karelian surname. K. Tschährä lives and works in his childhood home in Pispala.

K. Tschährä’s works are created with the automation of the body. Automatic drawing started by chance in the corona year 2020 with the TRE vibration exercise. TRE® or Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercise is a self-care method based on the body’s natural vibration. Tschährä also provides automatic body care, which can be classified as folk healing.

K. Tschährä’s art deals with the eternal cycle of nature and the legacy of shamanism, where our existence is connected to the past and the future and where all things are interconnected. Mycelia are like connecting threads or impulses. Time is not linear, but different time levels and events exist simultaneously and in layers.

Rhythms and repetitions and the compulsive need to create and fill the space of emptiness (horror vacui) are typical features of visionaries. Visionary art is part of outsider art.

Simpukkalintujen laulu

On display in the Middle of Nowhere art park, “Simpukkalintujen laulu” is Tschährä’s largest work to date, measuring 16m2. He originally did it in Rauma Art Museum’s Lintu ja Kala! for the exhibition in 2023. The painting depicts the creation of the world and the connection of everything in the great cycle of life. The seashell-like birds in the work weave a life-spin from their beaks, from the center of which a human being is born. Mussels are messengers and travel between different worlds. The sinuous lines rise towards the spheres of the higher world and are like the song of a bird.

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