Timo Karjalainen


Picture: Veli Granö, Maaseudun Sivistysliitto, ITE Uusimaaseutu -hanke.

The artist's works contain nature's own jewels

Timo Karjalainen is a self-taught artist from Raasepor. In addition to his work as a metalworker, he has been forging iron sculptures for twenty years. In the artist’s works, the jewel-like tentacles forged from iron carry a stone block inside. The artist sees in the stones a story that tells about the symbiosis between man and the earth.

The artist's works combine iron and stone

In Karjalainen’s works, iron and stone come together like two parts in a larger story that reminds us of how we are connected to the earth and its resources.

The artist carefully and thoughtfully wraps the stones in the embrace of iron, creating sculptures that seem to hold the stone in their own iron hands. According to the artist, this bond of two materials symbolizes the ancientness of the earth and at the same time the dependence of man on the earth’s gifts.

The artist’s works show how massive can be beautiful. His ability to combine the strength of iron with the durability of stone creates sculptures that are like nature’s own jewels.

The jewelry quality of the works also brings out the beauty in the midst of the massiveness. Although the sculptures can be physically large and impressive, the decorative details give them an aesthetic that makes the works, despite their massive size, look beautiful.

In Timo Karjalainen’s works, massiveness and sophistication combine in a unique way. The artist’s skillful handiwork is revealed in the way he shapes massive iron into beautiful shapes.

Picture: Veli Granö, Maaseudun Sivistysliitto, ITE Uusimaaseutu -hanke.


"The works that will be in the exhibition will be announced later"

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