Hannu Kumpula

Seinäjoki (1983)
Henkilökuvassa Hannu Kumpula

Folktales and mythology

Hannu Kumpula is a self-taught artist. His wood sculptures are like a gateway to a mythical world. Kumpula’s art shows strands of tradition and mythology in a way that reflects not only his ancestry but also a deep interest in various folk tales and myths.

An early decision about the artist's path

Kumpula has a degree in carpentry and a master’s degree in decorative sculpture, but as an artist he is completely self-taught. Hannu Kumpula’s passion for art began to sprout in his childhood, when he noticed the power and charm of drawing. He was only three years old when he announced that he would grow up to be an artist.

Over the years, Kumpula has made, among other things, fantasy-themed Illustrations and oil paintings. His interest in wood carvings started at school where he studied decorative carving. Instead of making a decorative, beautiful piece of furniture, it seemed more natural to him to sculpt something where his artistic side could come out. This is where the story of wood sculptures began.

As a sculptor, Kumpula masterfully controls the processing of wood. In his hands, the tree becomes alive, bending to the will of his imagination.

Wooden sculptures where tradition, myths and mythology meet each other

Hannu Kumpula has always been interested in folk tales and mythologies, which is clearly visible in his art. In his works, tradition, myths and mythology meet each other.

Hannu’s art strongly shows the power of imagination and the ability to see old folktales and myths in the present. His art reflects a deep connection to traditional stories, creating works that honor the past while bringing it into the present moment.

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Hannu Kumpula describes the Kalevala in his own way

Hannu skillfully combines the world of fantasy and old mythical stories. His ability to depict mythical stories through drawings and sculptures speaks of an artist who is not only talented, but also artistically courageous.

The presence of Kalevala stories in Hannu Kumpula’s works is like a bridge between the past and the present. He brings out the richness of Finnish culture, and at the same time brings new shades to it.

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