Middle of Nowhere - Art Park

We will open an art park and cafe in the summer of 2024. Middle of Nowhere presents Finnish ITE art (Finnish contemporary folk art).

ITE art, rural romance and a summer cafe in the middle of nowhere

Middle of Nowhere Art Park and summercafe are located in the scenic small village of Kaukas with 300 inhabitants. The natural and atmospheric village is located on the southeast side of Hyvinkää. The idyllic village offers genuine rural romance and the roaring rapids with nature trails are also worth seeing.

NOTE! The art park will open in the summer of 2024.

Our art park focuses on presenting a ITE art. Our goal is to increase awareness of ITE artists and art. We also highlight special and interesting travel destinations related to ITE art. 

Videos of the construction stages of the park

ITE Artists

Middle of Nowhere Art park exhibition 2024. Get to know the works of the following artists.

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